Vlatka Kiuk – insides, tips and information shared by Croatian national​ kata team member


Vlatka Kiuk (Vlatka Kiuk, #Vla Tka) lives in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. She’s a member of the national senior karate team in kata, and a medal winner at European, Mediterranean, and Karate1 Premier League tournaments. Besides her professional career as an athlete, she also works as a fitness coach, which is something she’s passionate about.

If I have to describe her with one word, it would be “A Giver.” A person who likes to delight others, always spreading positive energy.

In this episode, we cover many topics such as Vlatka’s first experience in karate and obstacles she had to overcome throughout her career, her mental training techniques that helped her to get back on track, strength and karate training, morning routines and much more.


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Show Notes
  • Vlatka talks about her career as a fitness professional
  • Vlatka’s sports experience and what is she passionate about [ 2.25]
  • Vlatka’s relationship with her sister [3:08]
  • First contact with karate and whose responsible for that [4:08]
  • Her experience in kata and her sports career [5:30]
  • Vlatka’s experience as a member of the national team [6:40]
  • Memories from the World Karate Championship in Paris, 2012 [7:40]
  • Vlatka’s achievements in the big tournaments [8:40]
  • We are discussing the support that it is required to be able to follow the dynamic of the big tournaments [10:45]
  • Vlatka talks about her lifestyle [11:45]
  • Parent’s support and their contribution to our success [14:50]
  • The most important thing according to Vlatka, necessary for success [16:30]
  • Vlatka’s mental training routine and the hardest moment in her career [17:20]
  • The importance of focusing on things that we have control over and discarding everything else [23:30]
  • Details from Vlatka’s mental training routine [24:15]
  • Meditation technique [25:30]
  • The person behind “Mentalni Trening” (Mental Training) [27:45]
  • How Vlatka’s training looks like [29:30]
  • Activities in General Preparation Period [32:10]
  • Strength exercises [33:15]
  • Vlatka explains her practice for developing maximal strength [34:30]
  • Training in competition period [37:30]
  • How Vlatka’s training looks like two days before competition [38:40]
  • Things that get overlooked by other karatekas and thoughts about the introduction of more complex katas at a young age [39:40]
  • What’s the primary focus on at competitions these days? [42:35]
  • One “Go To” conditioning exercise [43:50]
  • One of our favorite activity, Kettlebell Swing [44:46]
  • People that Vlatka admires [46:30]
  • Morning routine, breakfast before competition [48:00]
  • Supplements [49:40]
  • Where can people find Vlatka on social media [52:00]


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