Mijat Vojvodic – road to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, karate training, nutrition and much more

In this episode as a guest, we have Mijat Vojvodic (@mijat.vojdovic,@midzagram).
He comes from Montenegro, and he’s a member of the national karate team. He competes in kata individual and kata team, and on top of his seven national titles in senior category in kata individual,  he is a medal winner from a Junior World Championship, World University Championship in Bratislava, Karate 1 Premier League tournaments, Balkan and Mediterranean championships and other international tournaments.

Throughout our conversation, we talk about his sports accomplishments and training routines. His contract with Shureido, the famous Japanese company for karate gear. We also discuss his kata and conditioning training, nutrition, and supplements he uses for recovery and staying focused during tournaments.

I hope you are going to enjoy this conversation as much as I did.




Show notes:

  • Mijat introduces himself [2:30]
  • First introduced with the karate sport [3:40]
  • Mijat talks about his successes in karate [4:10]
  • Training routines in this period [6:30]
  • Details from Mijat’s workouts [8:00]
  • Explosive strength [10:40]
  • How Mijat’s training looks like a month before the European Championship for Seniors [12:40]
  • His involvement in kata team competitions and expectations [14:00]
  • technical apart of the karate training [16:30]
  • Personal improvement  [18:00]
  • Mental preparation [19:00]
  • Nutrition, supplements and meal timing [20:30]
  • Mijat talks about the support he gets from Shureido sports company [25:00]
  • Advice to all the young karatekas [25:30]


If you found this episode interesting, you might want to check out this one as well. In this episode, we have a conversation with Vlatka Kiuk, member of Croatian national karate team in kata. Also, you can listen to the episode I have done with another great kata competitor Ilja Shorguner.


Would you like to get more information that will help to improve your karate and prepare for your next competition? You might find some valuable information here.

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