The Karate Journey of The Twin Sisters Mishela and Marijana

In this episode, we are talking with twin sisters who originally come from Macedonia but now live and pursue their karate career in  Australia, under the umbrella of the Australian Karate Federation. Both compete in kata, and they are the first karate athletes who have gotten a scholarship from the prestigious Western Australian Institute of Sport. Marijana and Mishela started training karate from a very young age and have been competing since they were six.

Sports accomplishments:
  • U21 World Championship Silver Medal 2015 Indonesia, team kata;
  • European bronze medal 2016 Cyprus, team kata;
  • European bronze medal 2014 Portugal, team kata;
  • Premier Leagues Tournaments (team kata) – Gold medal, Istanbul 2015; Silver medal, Istanbul 2016; Bronze medal, Salzburg; Bronze medal,  Istanbul 2014;
  • One gold (Corfu cadets) and three bronze medals at World Cups in Croatia U21 and junior category (Marijana)
  • Two silver (Corfu cadets and Croatia juniors) and one bronze medal at World Cups, Croatia U21  (Mishela)
  • Gold medal in senior category and silver medal in U21 at the Australian National Championship 2017 (Marijana)
  • Gold medal in U21 and silver in senior category at the Australian National Championship 2017 (Mishela) 
  • Two Gold medals in U21 and seniors at Australian National Championship 2018 (Marijana)
  • Two silver medal (U21 and Seniors) at Australian National Championship 2018 (Mishela)
  • Medal winner at Aussie Open 2017 and 2018
  • Gold medal U21 and bronze medal in senior category at Oceania Championship 2018, New Zealand (Marijana)
  • Silver U21 and Bronze in the Senior division for Mishela at Oceania Championship in New Zealand 2018


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Show notes:
  • Mishela’s and Marijana’s experience and life change ones they’ve moved to Australia [3:00]
  • What does it mean to be the first karate athlete that got a scholarship for the Western Australian Institute of Sport [5:00]
  • We are talking about how their day looks like and the importance of being organized to meet all the demands that the professional sports [10:30]
  • Fitness and conditioning training [13:40]
  • Marijana’s and Mishela’s karate training and how it is structured [15:50]
  • Most significant success [18:13]
  • The final match at the under 21 World Championship in Jakarta [20:30]
  • Most significant challenges in their karate career [22:00]
  • Talking about their experience with mental training [25:00]
  • Future tournaments they focus on [29:00]


If you found this episode interesting, you might want to check out this one as well. Here I have a conversation with Vlatka Kiuk., who’s a member of the Croatian National Karate Team in kata.

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