Simon says ……… oh sorry. This time, Sensei Yoshimi says…

Always challenge your beliefs. Question your values. Be comfortable with uncertainty. Try to find an answer to a question by continually asking questions. Why is this the way it is? Is this the right way if everyone else is doing it? Or maybe there is another way to perform even better? How can a improve something and how do we know that this is it?

After reading the post, “42 Secrets I learned from the world’s greatest kata coach”, that Jesse Enkamp had written on his blog, some of the belief that I had were challenged.

This post provides great knowledge that can improve your karate. But not just any knowledge or information. For many of us, this is counterintuitive one — opposite of what we have been told. The details in this post provide a partial answer to the question that Livius Bunda (back then a national coach of the Serbian kata team) raised at a karate seminar.

This was after the World University Karate Champion in Belgrade, where the Japanese female kata athlete took the first place. Again, I have no idea when was this. At least 15 years ago.

The question was something like:

What do we need to focus on in order to have nice flow and natural movement during our kata performance?

And the answer, at least some portion, lies in Jesse’s reflection from his training with the famous Sensei Inoue Yoshimi. As mentioned, some of the advice might be mind-blowing. But, the growth happens when we constantly challenge our beliefs. And, I know, it’s not easy to do so. But anyway it’s worth trying.

Enjoy in some of the advises that I found compelling. For more, read the original post.


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