A guide on how to become stronger than your opponents – Part 2

In this episode, I talk about explosive strength, aka power, and how it is related to your karate performance. Here I share some of the methods used to increase explosive power and which one might be the most appropriate for karate.

So, stay tuned and enjoy.

If you have not heard the first episode where I talk about maximal strength, I suggest to so, before diving into his one. 


Episode Show notes and links:

What is power and what are three methods we can use to develop it [2:10]


Power is strength compressed in time.

Power (P) = Force (F) x Velocity (V)

To increase power we need to either become stronger or become faster.

Methods used for developing power, aka explosive strength

Olimpic lifts and dynamic effort exercises [4:35]

Many athletes have successfully used Olimpic lifts do develop powerful bodies. They incorporate whole body movements. Among athletes, the most common are some variations of the Olympic lifts such as power snatch and power clean. This is due to the lack of mobility to get in a deep squat position necessary to perform the snatch and clean & jerk.

Plyometrics and jumps [11:40]

Plyometric exercises have three phases, an eccentric phase that stretches the muscle, the amortization phase focusing on dynamic stabilization, and the concentric phase that concentrically contracts the muscle.

Plyometrics put stress on your joints, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissue. Therefore it is imperative to develop adequate strength and good technique before incorporating plyometrics into your training routine.

In general, plyometric exercises are divided in:

  • low impact exercises
  • medium impact exercises
  • high impact exercises

For more ideas, click here.

Ballistic method [19:00]

Ballistic exercises involve releasing or throwing an object (medicine ball). This method is great for building power in your upper body. All you need is a different size and weight medicine balls and free space. For this reason, medicine balls can quickly become part of your karate training.


If you have any thoughts, question, or maybe something you like me to cover in the future, please write it in the comments.

Until next time, LET THE POWER BE WITH YOU.



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